The Elvis Project

Support Doggone Day Spaw's efforts to build our own state-of-the-art canine water therapy facility! Read on to learn how you can help senior dogs live their best in those special Golden Years.

How "The Elvis Project" came about:

Elvis ShakingOn August 30, 2014, Elvis became our third senior adoption. Over the nearly two years that he blessed our home, Mike and I were amazed at his resilience, loyalty, exuberance, and love. We are thankful and honored to have shared the last portion of his life. He will forever be a part of who we are.

Although the loss of a pet is extremely difficult every time, we love those seniors! The time to spend with them may seem too short, but every single day is a gift we will treasure forever. Compassion, kindness, and so much joy await those who are willing to share their lives with a senior pet.

Sometimes these seniors need some special care, and that's where our facility comes into play!

We have the place, the space, and the heart! What we don't have are the funds.

Help us build a facility where these special creatures can have access to warm water exercise, massage, stretching, and range-of-motion to ease their weary bodies. The project will most likely be built in phases, and our goal for PHASE 1 is to raise $30,000! YES! It's a big goal, and we can do it with everyone's help! Here are some ways you can help us raise the roof.

Purchase a Pawprint Tile for the Poolhouse

Purchase a Pawprint Tile for the Poolhouse

Give the gift of a lifetime! Immortalize your cherished pet(s) with a lasting tribute that will forever grace the walls of the poolhouse. Purchase a ceramic tile replica of your pet's actual pawprint. These beautiful and unique hand-made tiles are made-to-order, and each one is one-of-a-kind. For pets who may have already crossed The Rainbow Bridge, you may choose to have a saying or word placed on a tile in their memory. A $200 gift will honor the furry loved ones who have touched your life.

Give a Monthly Gift

When you become a Doggone Angel by signing up to make monthly contributions, you are helping to make MAGIC HAPPEN!

Doggone Angels are special friends, because their gifts are continuous and steady. Of course, it is easy to cancel at any time.

Purchase Items through our Amazon Store

Purchase items through our Amazon Store, and Doggone Day Spaw receives a percentage of each sale. Clicking/Purchasing an item through our store does not cost you any extra, but does add to our pool fund! Amazon Store

Pass the word, and paw it forward!