When I first took my dog Koa to see Vonni it was due to a partial ACL tear on his hind leg. Our vet recommended doing water therapy to help with the healing process. At the vet’s office, I picked up Vonni's pamphlet for water therapy. Our initial consultant visit with Vonni was a great success. Koa absolutely loves water already and he took to Vonni from the start.

Vonni devotes her time in making sure that Koa doesn't over do it and paces him when he seems to be tiring out. She is very much in tuned with all the dogs in her care. Personally, she's one of the sweetest people you will meet. Her passion and life calling is helping loving and caring for pets. A person with a big heart and it shows in her work. My dog Koa sees Vonni and associates her with his happy place, which is the love of the water and her playful and professional interaction with him.

We are very fortunate to have found Vonni and to know that we found someone who loves our dog as much as we do. Thank you Vonni for being such a great water therapist, massage therapist and wonderful person to our Koa boy and to us as pet parents.

~ Nadia R.

"You make a life by what you give" may refer to yourself; but your compassion, tenderness and exceptional talents have extended the life of my Bertha Mae by leaps and bounds. I am forever grateful to you for coming into our lives in the last two years to help nurture and improve the complete ligament tear in Bertha's right knee. Not only have you assisted her in her delight in swimming (being the only thing she's now able to do without constant pain) but you've been able to encourage her to take that joy to motivate her to keep on trying to move when she returns home. Besides the added massage each week for Bertha's tired and strained muscles you've also massaged my weakened spirit by encouraging me to keep on keepin' on lifting Bertha's spirits. The crowning glory, of course, is the positive attitude and sharing of your resources to network the GoFundMe campaign to procure a canine cart for Bertha to allow her to continue to walk. I know I will always consider you to be one of the brightest spots in our lives, even after Bertha Mae passes on. Thank you for being our rah-rah team captain!

~ Molly M. and Bertha Mae

If I could give Vonni of Doggone Day Spaw a grade, it would be an A+!!! Since 2012, she has helped two of my dogs maintain their mobility and improve their quality of life. I had originally started both my dogs with her for exercise but it turned out that both dogs had some congenital issues that required therapy. Vonni is kind, patient and extremely knowledgeable. She has an amazing way with dogs and can quickly calm an apprehensive one. She assesses the needs and develops individual therapy. Vonni is also very well connected in the canine support community and can quickly help find additional resources to help your dog. And, just as important, Vonni is a true lover of dogs!!!

~ Dorothy C.

Our dog Buddy, definitely benefited from Vonni's kind and patient touch. He did not trust his hind leg after surgery and Vonni helped him build it up and trust it again. He has no muscle loss whatsoever and has returned to full use of the leg. Thank you, Vonni!

~ Marie Robinson, DVM

Swimming, massage, and floating at Doggone Day Spaw with Vonni Goetting was a great help for the arthritis our German Shorthaired Pointer, Wendy, was experiencing. She was not a water-loving dog, so always wore a swim vest and loved floating in the warm water. Getting massage and stretching of her joints helped her stay flexible and mobile in spite of advanced arthritis. We believe massage therapy in the water helped make her daily walks more comfortable for her.

~ Marcia S.

Aquatic therapy and massage dramatically improved my old pup Koa's quality of life. Before therapy he had no mobility in his hind legs. Therapy helped him to regain his ability to walk. Koa loved swimming in his younger years so I was ecstatic when I found Vonni. Koa was once again able to do the thing he loved so much....he could swim to his heart's content. Swimming alleviated pressure on his joints. He was able to exercise without pain. He would always get so excited on swim days. After Koa passed I ended up adopting a stray husky pup, Keeks, who came with a broken hip. Aquatic therapy and massage with Vonni worked wonders on Keeks after his hip surgery. On his first visit with Vonni Keeks seemed to be a little fearful of water, but towards the end of his session, she had him swimming like a fish. Keeks' orthopedic surgeon was surprised that he had developed muscle tone in his leg so quick. Rehabilitation with Vonni made his recovery quick and painless.

~ Adrienne L.

We have been taking our 13 y/o Labrador to Vonni for a year to help with mobility and flexibility. We also took our coonhound after a hip injury. Vonni is wonderful: she is sensitive to any apprehension the dog may have and helps them adjust to this new experience. The water therapy has been a great way for our lab to move all her limbs and get some cardio without weight-bearing on her arthritic joints.

~ Darryl B.

My husband and I originally brought our dog Jax to swim with Vonni after his second TPLO surgery. That was over two years ago. Now both of our dogs look forward to their weekly trip to see Vonni with such enthusiasm that the drive there is filled with happy loud dog noises. When we want to get the dogs up and excited on any given day we say "who wants to go see Vonni" - they run around, jumping, barking and smiling. Our dogs are more physically and mentally fit since we began swimming. It is a time we all look forward to.

~ Carol G.

Our sweet Aussie Bruce was in terrible shape. He tore both CCL's in the same year. He lost almost all his independence - unable to move from lying to standing position, walk up stairs, walk independently. We bought a sling to support his back end and thought he would never be independently ambulatory again. Bruce and our family were heartbroken. Our Vet recommended Vonni. After a few sessions we saw improvement - after a couple months Bruce could stand up, climb stairs and go for short walks without help. Now Bruce can go for long walks and his energy level is pre injury. I can't begin to express how grateful and happy we are.

~ Erin B.

My pit bull, Kailie has been swimming with Vonni for a few weeks following an ACL tear. While swimming won't heal or repair the tear, Kailie has shown significant improvement!

She lost quite a bit of muscle very quickly immediately following her injury, due to being in enough pain that she wouldn't walk much. Stairs were painful enough that she had to be carried most of the time. She required daily pain meds, and was clearly in pain if I forgot them.

Kailie was very hesitant to get in the water, but Vonni was very patient with her and made it a non-scary thing and oooo, those warm water massages! Vonni found the *one* toy that was worth getting wet for, and supported Kailie's first several laps in the pool to reduce her fears. Kailie now gets in voluntarily on her own and swims happily.

Since beginning hydrotherapy with Vonni, Kailie has gained some of her muscle back, limps a lot less and navigates stairs on her own. She'll even run a short distance if the mood strikes her. It's not a disaster if I forget her pain meds once in a while.

I was slightly worried that swimming might make her skin worse because she is allergic to just about everything that is part of being a dog-grass, cats, flea saliva, dust mites, hooved animal meat.... I was pleasantly surprised when her skin issues were also reduced following swim sessions! She has not been as itchy as previous years at this time, and her skin is not as red and inflamed.

I've been extremely happy with Vonni and Doggone Day Spaw and definitely recommend hydrotherapy for every dog!

~ Jessi B.