Canine Water Therapy

Buoyancy ~ Resistance ~ Warmth

Aquatic bodywork provided by Doggone Day Spaw, LLC offers pets a therapeutic and nurturing environment to assist in rehabilitation from injury, illness or surgery, as well as maintaining their overall health and wellness. Warm water therapy can greatly enhance your older dog’s quality of life by providing him with relief from arthritis, hip dysplasia, nerve sensitivity, etc. And it’s also wonderful for your healthy “performance” animal! (Keep them in shape for those agility trials or shows!)

In addition to massage, stretching and exercise, aquatic bodywork uses the buoyancy, resistance, and warmth of the water to benefit your special companion animals. Buoyancy is the “upward” force on the body when it is in water – as opposed to the “downward” force of gravity when on land. This reduces the pressure on weight-bearing joints by a great deal, making a full range of motion possible. The natural support of the joints provided by movement in the water gives protection from injury and often eases pain from injury or chronic conditions such as arthritis.

Resistance on the muscles in water is many times that of movement in air. Just simple walking through the water can help to build greater strength than walking on land, as well as providing important aerobic benefits. Swimming combines an increased resistance on the muscles with a fuller range of motion, making it an excellent form of exercise, as well as therapy. Companion animals recovering from injury or surgery, or those preparing to undergo a surgical procedure, are excellent candidates for warm water therapy.

Warmth can assist in improving circulation, increasing flexibility and promoting relaxation. This aids in achieving greater relief of muscle tension and increased range of motion.

Happy Canine Water Therapy Client

When the benefits of warm water are combined with massage, the results are remarkable. Massage and swimming are especially good for:

Pre- and Post-Surgery/Injuries Chronic Pain and Poor Mobility
Arthritis Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
Amputation Spinal Cord Injuries
(With or Without Paralysis)
Obesity and Weight Management Cardiovascular Health
Competition and Show Conditioning Geriatric Fitness
Rescue Training Mental Stimulation
Relaxation and Anxiety Reduction Building Confidence
Reducing Risk of Injury Reducing Healing Period After Injury
The Pool at Doggone Day Spaw

A Unique Warm Water Experience...

Doggone Day Spaw leases a pool facility in Woodinville, WA. This beautifully maintained facility was designed specifically for canine water therapy, and many other amenities are provided as well.

Located in a private residential setting, the pool is heated and approximately 8’ wide x 20’ long. As such, it is very comfortable for massage and relaxation, as well as for more vigorous exercise. For the truly strong swimmer there are swim jets that provide resistance for extra exercise.

Enclosed in a glass pool house, during the summer, all doors and the roof can be opened to keep things ventilated. When temperatures are cooler the pool house provides a heated, comfortable enclosure for year-round enjoyment.

Toys, life jackets, swim harnesses, and dryers are available, as well.

A Happy Dog Water Therapy Client


Please arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. This will allow time for your dog to go potty if s/he needs. If you are late, your time will need to be shortened since the pool house is generally booked after your session.

Appointments must be scheduled or cancelled a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment will be charged the full amount for the session time. Please call (425) 246-2603 when making any appointment changes.

Canine Comfort and Health

You are responsible for your dog. All dogs MUST be on a leash at all times outside of the pool house. Please be sure that your dog has a chance to go potty prior to his appointment.

Please do not feed your dog less than three to four hours prior to his/her scheduled warm water therapy session. (They often swallow water while swimming, and this has a tendency to come back up. We’d rather his breakfast not come back up with it…)

Proper grooming and bathing is much appreciated. Please brush your dog thoroughly and bathe if needed prior to your appointment. Although the pool’s filtration system is specifically designed for dogs, the less it has to deal with the more pleasant it will be for everyone. In addition, we greatly appreciate it when your dog’s nails are trimmed frequently. This is for comfort and protection against a flailing or paddling dog.

Doggone Day Spaw’s pool facilities provide blow dryers, floating toys, and swimming aids, including doggy life jackets. You will need to provide two to three towels for your dog, and you may even wish to bring a blanket, doggy coat or T-shirt for use on the way home. This will help prevent your dog from getting chilled after his session.


Only one dog is allowed in the pool at a time, and your dog must be kept in the pool house unless you are outside with him. As a courtesy to other clients, please wait for the previous client to leave the pool house before entering the building.

Canine Water Therapy Client

During your first appointment, Vonni will carefully go over your dog's medical history, review your goals for his water therapy sessions, provide a gait analysis, and introduce your dog to the pool. As a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT - MA00023882) and Certified Small Animal Massage Practitioner (SAMP), Vonni has your canine companion's best interest at heart and will pay close attention to any stress or health-related issues during the session.

Sessions are $100 (60 minutes). A package of eight sessions is $760.

Payment Pawlicy

Doggone Day Spaw currently accepts cash, checks, and credit cards. Payment is required at the time of service. Thank you!